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Learn to sing your own praises

A few months ago I would have received good news, shared it with a few select people, and demurred when they congratulated me. This week I ended the semester with straight A’s and I was so excited and proud of my accomplishment. I’m still… Continue Reading “Learn to sing your own praises”

A Time for Reflection

Give Love

Find Your Mantra

In the heat of the moment when you feel like you are losing your cool this may be easier said than done. Trust me. I know because I have been there. I am still there some days. When I say find your mantra, I… Continue Reading “Find Your Mantra”

What if You Believed in Yourself

So, I’m chatting with my therapist. Yes, thanks to the hot mess that we’ve learned to refer to as 2020, I have become one of those people who references their therapist in everyday conversation. Thanks, 2020! So I’m chatting with my therapist and I’m… Continue Reading “What if You Believed in Yourself”

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