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Honest, brave, and timely

Man Enough is honest, brave, and timely. This exploration of masculinity tackles body image, shame, insecurities, and a myriad of other topics that boys and men are traditionally discouraged from talking about. This book helps make space for understanding, empathy, honest conversation and the… Continue Reading “Honest, brave, and timely”

Learned Suffering

From a very young age, we develop our own coping mechanisms. We learn to deal with the chaos to some degree. What happens when those strategies are no longer effective though? Today I was pulled in so many directions that I could feel it… Continue Reading “Learned Suffering”

Learn to sing your own praises

A few months ago I would have received good news, shared it with a few select people, and demurred when they congratulated me. This week I ended the semester with straight A’s and I was so excited and proud of my accomplishment. I’m still… Continue Reading “Learn to sing your own praises”

Recommit to You

In any old normal year, now would be the time where many people start to give up on their resolutions that they made just months ago. There just isn’t enough time. They haven’t seen instant results. Whatever other excuses that they can come up… Continue Reading “Recommit to You”

What Drives You?

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