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Magic Takes Flight

Let me just say that I am a lover of sunrises. I truly believe in the magic of watching a new day unfold and all the joy that it brings. That is exactly what I got to do last weekend. What made this sunrise… Continue Reading “Magic Takes Flight”

Stand Up

When we as women see each other as allies instead of enemies, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. Let us stand up for one another, because together we are capable of great things. 

Let the light shine in

Division has never served a worthwhile purpose. Instead, let us invest our efforts into humility, community, unity, and compassion. Let us heal together and begin to move forward.

Only Love Can Drive Out Hate

On the third Monday of each January we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. with a national day of service. Today more than ever it is important to remember his teachings. Let his life nor his death be in vain. Let us… Continue Reading “Only Love Can Drive Out Hate”

Give Love

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