Who is Breaette

How do I know where to begin

Am I closer to the beginning, middle or end

If this is the story of me I’m not sure where to start

This is just a little bit about me

I’m probably just like you

I love the magic of a sunrise

I love the whimsy of twirling

I couldn’t imagine one day without music

And I love all kinds

I believe in the power of kindness and humility

In the end I want to have more adventures than regrets

The Origin Story

Like many, I often question what I am doing and if it is enough. I realized that I not only wanted but needed more. And it was not just in one area of my life. I found that I wanted to be a well-rounded bad ass. But where to start? One does not just become a bad ass overnight. For me, this just means being the best and most authentic version of myself that I can be, and then be better. Find ways to better my best.

I chose to start with my health. One major aspect of this process was realizing that I had been suffering from anxiety when I believed that I was successfully juggling a busy life.  Realizing this meant that I really needed to shift my priorities. I focused on ways to reduce stress including time management, boundary setting and mindfulness. I made breakfast a priority, I took up Pilates again and I started seeing a therapist. This has become the basis of our “Health & Wellness” segment.  

As I began the work on myself, I was compelled to build upon another area which fuels me. I was raised with a focus on charity, community and giving back but I found that I was committing less and less time to that. So, I dedicated myself to refocusing my time and efforts into the causes and ideals that I wholeheartedly believe in. This is how our “Community” segment came to be.

I have jotted down my thoughts for as long as I could remember. I never dared to call it poetry. Somewhere along the way I got a little brave and embraced my passion. I have found writing my thoughts and feelings down to be extremely cathartic. These are “Words on the Run.” I am still completely terrified of sharing, but I am determined to press on thru those feelings. These are “Words on the Run.”

This is just a little of my story. While embarking on this journey I scoured the internet researching these topics. I found some good resources but was tirelessly hopping from site to site. I imagined a site that focused on strengthening your overall well-being. Mind, body, and spirit. I envisioned a placed to find resources on giving back at the local, national, and global level. I envisioned a site that would encourage you to be the best version of yourself and then be even better. My hope is that this grows and evolves as our community does. I hope that you find this site to be a safe space and community. I encourage your engagement and feedback. Be sure to like, follow and keep in touch.

*All site content is original unless credited as otherwise.

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