Learn to sing your own praises

A few months ago I would have received good news, shared it with a few select people, and demurred when they congratulated me. This week I ended the semester with straight A’s and I was so excited and proud of my accomplishment. I’m still early in my educational journey but I realize the importance of stopping to enjoy milestones, big and small.

This time I shared the great news with more of my support system. Each time someone congratulated me, I didn’t downplay my achievement. Instead I thanked them and agreed that I too was proud of my hard work and sacrifices paying off.

What I have learned in the past few months especially is that I can take pride in my hard earned achievements and still remain humble. I can allow myself to be vulnerable and lean on my people without being weak. I can sing my own praises to those same people, and it doesn’t make me vain.

It is so important to have faith in yourself and your abilities. It is also a comfort to have a support system in place though. You’ll never know who will show up for you until you learn to let them in. Stand up, sing your own praises, and let your people show up for you.

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