What if You Believed in Yourself

So, I’m chatting with my therapist. Yes, thanks to the hot mess that we’ve learned to refer to as 2020, I have become one of those people who references their therapist in everyday conversation. Thanks, 2020!

So I’m chatting with my therapist and I’m being really hard on myself and consequently feeling bad for being hard on myself. My therapist asks me to elaborate and then asks what evidence there is to support those ideas. All those things that I was feeling were coming from within. That voice that said I wasn’t enough, was just my own. I realized that I had the power to change the narrative. With one simple question, my entire outlook flipped. She asked, “But what if you believed in yourself?” Mind blown, right? A wile back I started writing little quotes or tidbits on the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker. I wrote this on my mirror and read it every morning.

So now I’m issuing the same challenge to you. When you doubt yourself take a moment to ask yourself, what if you believed in yourself? I’m pretty sure you would realize just how capable you are. So go be the badass that you already are. And truly believe it.

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